I had six goals for myself this year: Improve my memorization skills by reading over scenes in my free time, develop characters, act as realistically as possible, get over nerves, and to be the best that I can be! I don’t think I have successfully reached any of these goals. All of them are works in progress. As I said, I need to take more of my own time to go over lines. After that I need to really study the scene and decide what my character’s all about. Once I do those things it will be much easier to act realistically. I will become a lot more comfortable on stage because I will be prepared. Overall, I will have to be the best I can be to take the steps to reach these goals. I have disregarded most of these goals. I don’t think I took myself as seriously as I should have, as an actor.

The most important thing I learned about the art of acting is that it is a very tedious art. It takes all of you. You cannot be half there; you must put your whole self into it. It requires a lot of focus and effort. As an actor I have learned that I am very insecure about my acting abilities. I have also learned that it is okay to have those insecurities, but it is not okay to let them hold you back. If you do, you leave no room for improvement.

I remember very specifically the first scene that I performed. It was from “Steel Magnolia’s” and I did very well. I had all of my lines and blocking memorized. I totally rocked that scene. I learned that it’s important to go through the scene a lot with your partners. It is even more important to practice at home. I felt so good after performing that. It really gave me confidence.


Working with other students in scenes made me feel more of a responsibility towards them to do well. Stephanie grew a lot through her acting this year. At the beginning of the year she struggled a little bit with her “Chorus Line” monologue. The last scene that she did with Lauren felt very real. She’s definitely improved. When Lianna played Noah’s young girlfriend in the scene from “Closer”, it was a new step for her. After that I think it became easier to play younger roles for her. Looking at other actors’ struggles and strengths allows me to view other techniques and styles to apply in my own acting, if I choose to do so.


“You’re not so lucky. You only think you are, because you’ve been fed dreams of actors being ‘discovered’ at drug store counters. But even if that dream did come true, if you shot right to the top, you’d be the poorer actor for never learning how to hold that spear. And you’d never know why either.” -Stella Adler from "The Art of Acting" Acting doesn’t just come to people. Nobody can just jump on a stage and knock ‘em dead. It takes hard work and it’s a long hard struggle to get to the top. You have to get out there and try and learn from experience. Experience is life’s greatest learning tool and I strongly believe that.

I will be grading myself on a scale from one to ten. I would give myself an eight in in-class work ethic. Most days I did what I was required to do in class but a few times when I was supposed to be writing in my journal I was reading over my lines instead because I hadn’t put in enough time at home. I would give myself five and a half in preparedness to class. I usually had my materials for class, but on several occasions I hadn’t written in my journal or memorized my lines. My performance grade in this class would be three and a half. I feel I was only successful in one performance, being the first one from “Steel Magnolia’s”. I think my participation in talk-back sessions was superb. I always paid attention to other’s performances and commented on their work to help them and also acknowledge my favorite parts. I would give myself a ten in that area. Finally, I would give myself a seven in my growth as a performer. Throughout the year I feel I could have done better, but by the end of it all, I think I learned from my experience. This wasn’t exactly my year for acting, but I learned from my mistakes.

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