A long-suppressed message to progressives:

A long-suppressed message to progressives: question the fundamentals of your motives. Question them hard, research them, study them, and then proceed before you act/think based on basic on-the-surface impulses. Why is progress de-facto good? Furthermore, where does the human concept of time originate from? How can we even talk about things in terms of "progress" for the "future"? Where did the very concept of "history" and the notion that we are "moving forward" in time come from? With these questions explored, the notion of progress becomes obsolete, and progressivism as a political/[pseudo-]philosophic position becomes very, very silly. -- Returning to the question of progress as being good: "good" is itself is subjective (right? I mean, without God, there is no grounds for any morality. All modern interpretations of morality beg the question of its origin), and thus unreliable. These questions on the morality of progress MUST be explored before taking on the position of progressivism.

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Here, here. Tired of how quickly this world moves forward.
posted by Simple on March 14th, 2012 at 01:18:34 AM